Sun Kosi River Rafting

Sun Kosi River, Nepal

Nepal is one of the best white water river rafting locations

If you are a white water river rafter, Nepal definitely earns a place on your to-raft list. With the Sun Kosi River that offers grade five rapids, it is a trip your adrenaline addicted body will appreciate.

The Sun Kosi River (translated to the River of Gold) is found in the regions of Mount Everest and your trip on the river itself will last between seven and nine days.

This gruelling journey that is not doable during June, July and August, will test your human instincts and reactions with its grade five rapids and, at the same time, show you the tranquil beauty of the region.

Near the border of Tibet, you will start your 235 kilometre trip at Dumja, approximately three hours drive from Kathmandu.

During your journey, the river will take you through open valleys and to places where you will be surrounded by high mountains towering above you. You will see small villages that are far from any other towns or cities and you will even have the opportunity to explore the forests the region has to offer.

The strong flow of the water will take you through narrow gorges and beautiful canyons. The tropical jungle that surrounds you will not only offer a wide range of fauna, but wild, untamed animals as well.

Sandy beaches make excellent camping spots and the waterfalls make for great fun and awesome photographs. You will be able to visit temples situated along the river banks and explore where very few will have had the opportunity to set foot.

After facing rapids with insane names like Jaws, High Anxiety and Harkapur, your journey will come to an end at Chatara.

Extending your trip to stay longer in the surrounding areas will not take much convincing. Kathmandu dates back to ancient times, so finding something to do and explore will definitely not be that hard. The city was found to be dated as far back as 167 BC and 1AD by archaeologists that investigated Kathmandu and the surrounding towns.

It is said that the Kathmandu valley was visited by Krakuchanda Buddha, Kanak Muni Buddha and Kashyapa Buddha. They took on the journey so that they could worship Swayambhu and Gujeshwari. You will find a ton of history related to religions. Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims visit the various religious locations, situated in Kathmandu itself and the areas surrounding it.

Kathmandu and the two cities that surround it are United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural (UNESCO) World Heritage Sites.

While exploring Kathmandu further, you will discover old temples and families that still live the simple life. First visited by the hippies in the 1970s, Kathmandu is now one of the most sought-after destinations for those who want to not only see the world, but experience it as well.

Durbar Square will offer amazing architecture and you can enjoy rich, local meals in rooftop restaurants. If you get a little home-sick you can go shopping and even pick up some books and CDs at low prices.

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