Waimea Bay Surfing

Sunset Surfing

Pupukea, Hawaii, United States of America

The famous Sunset Beach, along with Waimea Bay, is the birthplace of big wave surfing. From the 50s till the 90s surfing at Sunset was a prerequisite for recognition as part of surfing’s elite. Surfer assisting technology and surfboard design advancements along with some true surfing athletes have pushed the limits of surfing beyond Sunset, but that does not detract from the fact that Sunset is still as big and gnarly as it ever was.

Heading north from Pipeline along the Kamehameha highway you will find the golden sandy curve of Sunset Beach. Sunset proper is on The Main Reef out the back off the beach. It does not break until 6ft-8ft (well overhead) and is often unpredictable. The details should be garnered from watching the wave before even considering entering the water that day. The peak can roam up and down the reef, sometimes barrel or section off. Being caught inside is a clear prelude to trouble.

Sunset point is over to the side and further in than the main peak. It works on smaller west to northwest swells and is where the locals like to go, though they rule everywhere at Sunset.

The Island of Oahu has surf year round but the north shore and Sunset are flat during the summer and come to life in the Hawaiian winter, which is November till February. December and January are Peak swell season for the north shore.

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