Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

One of the best known sights in the world, Sydney Harbour, can be experienced by one of the most famous walks. Visitors to the Australian city can take part in a guided walk of Sydney Harbour Bridge, a unique experience that takes between 2 and 3 hours and rewards climbers with spectacular views from the top.

Sydney Harbour Bridge connects North Shore with the main part of Sydney and was opened in 1932. It is the world’s largest steel arched bridge. Visitors wishing to climb the bridge wear specially designed suits and are allowed no loose items. They have a chain link to the trail for safety reasons and are guided through girders and passages on a once in a lifetime experience.

At the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge there is time to take in the view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world which includes the Sydney opera House and Harbour, and can have photographs taken. The staff even specialise in helping people with a fear of heights and a visit can be timed to coincide with sunrise or sunset. Many people celebrate a special occasion with this climb and it is worth considering when visiting Australia.


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