Tamarin Bay Surfing

Tamarin Bay Surfing

Tamarin Bay, Mauritius

In 1974 Tamarin Bay featured in a surf film “The Forgotten Island of Santosha”. The long empty left handers of Santosha, breaking on a far-off tropical island became symbolic of the surfers search. The images of Santosha (aka Tamarin Bay) fuelled a generation of surf exploration that sent surfers scouring the globe for their own Santosha.

The fact that Tamarin Bay can be rather inconsistent damaged its status among the surfing tribe, but nothing has changed in terms of wave quality. It is still a magical place in the surfing world and a first class wave.

When the required big southwest swell arrives and wraps in the bay, practically flawless lines fast-track down the reef, curling in around the pass and Tamarin Bay shines like it did on the screen. The wave breaks with a steep take-off straight into a barrel section up to 100m long than deposits the surfer into the channel. Getting another perfect tube is as simple as paddling back out.

Tamarin Bay is ultra-shallow and dangerous at low tide. It is offshore in the predominant southeast winter trades. However, the swell is not often big enough to make the place work. From March to September is best time to visit in search of Santosha. If all falls into place, scoring Tamarin Bay on a classic 8ft day is a once in a lifetime experience.

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