Teatro Museu, Dali

Figures, Spain

If you’ve visited the Picasso museum in Barcelona, the next visit should be to the Teatro-museu Dali. There are several Salvador Dali museums in the world – one in Florida, one in London, but the one that Dali had the most influence in is the Teatro-museu Dali in Figures, Spain. Salvador Dali grew up in Figures and ended up dying in the same town after making his mark in the world. He is actually buried right in the museum. The building interior houses many of his works – from sketches and paintings to obscure art that takes up an entire room. The building exterior also is bizarre in a very Dali way. It’s pretty easy to tell which building is the museum if you’re casually looking in town. The gift shop has a lot of books, prints and other touristy items that are interesting to look at, if not to purchase. The purchase of a ticket to the main museum also allows you to enter the Dali-Jewelry museum next door. Figures is only an hour and a half from Barcelona by train. The museum is the only reason to go there. The town is quiet and doesn’t have much to offer outside of the museum. Keep a watch on the time. I spent hours in the museum and missed one train back to Barcelona. The regional trains run every few hours and you don’t want to miss the last train out of town for the day. There are several small shops where you can get a sandwich to eat and pass the time until the train arrives. Reviewer: ynomad

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