Temple of Literature

Temple of Literature

Hanoi, Vietnam

For some peace and quiet, and a unique glimpse into Vietnams past academic history then make a visit to the Temple of Literature. It was dedicated to Confucius in honour of literary achievement in 1070. The first university in Vietnam originated here in 1076 and it educated the sons of mandarins.

There are five courtyards and in days gone by particular pathways were reserved exclusively for the king. Upon arrival at the Temple of Literature, you may see a sign asking visitors to dismount their horses. Some of the signs are in English and French. It costs less than $1 to enter.

This temple is located close to the training restaurant Koto so you may wish to combine a visit to the two. Although it’s within walking distance (around 2 kilometres) of the Old Quarter, I took a taxi to get to this gem.

(Image by andersofsydney on Flickr)

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