Thai Country Club

Bangkok, Thailand

User Rating     : 5 out of 5

Bangkok’s Thai Country Club is one of the country’s most expensive and prestigious clubs with 2000 members paying more than $300 000 US to join. Fortunately for visitors, weekday play is open to non-members. The first striking part of the club is its luxurious clubhouse, resembling more of a luxury hotel than a golf club. The course is kept in pristine condition with immaculate fairways, horrifying rough and hundreds of palm trees appropriate for the area. Water features prominently all over the course with some excellent island greens and peninsula tees making full use of the beautiful surroundings. Although the area is flat, the course uses undulating fairways and man-made mounds to keep the lies from becoming easy or mundane.

The 199 m par three 6th is a favourite of this layout and regularly rated in the top 500 holes on the planet. The shamrock shaped bunker front and right will only be considered lucky if it saves a shot from the surrounding water. A small lake covers the entire right of the hole, two large bunkers wait behind the green which slopes steeply toward the tee. A sand shot from here is unlikely to hold the fast surface. With deep grass and undulations to the left, your best shot is straight on to the green. Easy game, isn’t it?

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