The Heineken Experience Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

User Rating     : 4 out of 5

As a beer lover I am a bit partial to the breweries I visit while on the road. However it seems that everyone who chooses to visit this attraction comes away with a fun and memorable experience. I went with a group from the hostel I was staying at and we all enjoyed the informative tour on the brewing process as well as the free beer that was offered. Perhaps the free beer is why everyone seems to leave so happy. At any rate, you are sure to have an enjoyable time in visiting the Heineken Experience. The beers are not entirely free as the tour does cost 15 Euro, but in this expensive city, that may well be a bargain for the two free beers alone, not to mention the fun tour. After your visit you will always think a bit differently when you pass that 6 pack of cold ones at the gas station bearing the Heineken name.


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