Thurso East Surfing

Thurso East Surfing

Thurso East, Scotland, United Kingdom

Thurso East has been described as a cold water version of Nias. A kelp covered flat rock reef/ledge that on its day will dish up some of the longest, hollowest right handers in Europe.

The take off is a simple drop, leading into a deep, hollow tube that charges down the line for up to 100m, then spits the surfer out into the channel where they float back out to the take off.

The entry to Thurso is remarkable easy. When it is small, a rock hop across the reef and a well timed jump and paddle sprint is all that are needed. On bigger days entering at the river mouth and an effortless float out to the take off, is the plan.

Thurso starts breaking at 2ft and holds up to 15ft. The cold water draining of the land is icy and a 4/3 steamer is summer-wear. A west northwest swell turns Thurso into its hollow best and the more northerly swells make it fun and walling. South-east winds are offshore. The cold water and the harsh conditions keep this wave relatively uncrowded for how good it is.

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