Tower of London

London, United Kingdom

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The Tower of London, is one of London’s most popular tourist attractions – so you can’t visit the city without getting a taste of London’s dark political past by visiting the tower. It was founded towards the end of 1066 by the conquering Normans and the White Tower was built in 1078. It has at once been used as a palace and grand royal residence as well as a prison since around 1100. In its history, it has often been the holding cell for high profile prisoners including Elizabeth I before she became queen, Anne Boleyn – who was executed here and Guy Fawkes. The Tower is the home of the Crown Jewels as well as the famous royal guards the Beefeaters. It is hard to find a place that is filled with richer or more ghoulish history – so although it is hardly off the beaten path, it is certainly well worthwhile visiting.

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