Trestles Surfing

Trestles Surfing

San Clemente, California, United States of America

Trestles is sacred ground for southern Californian surfers. It is a magical place devoid of suburbia and its trappings but loaded with high quality, forgiving waves. The magic of Trestles is that the waves are so damn good and ripable they make the average surfer feel good, and the good surfer feel like a pro. It is also within the natural setting of the San Onofre State Beach (a state park).

Trestles can be divided into two main breaks, Uppers and Lowers. Upper Trestles is a cobblestone right hand point break with high quality, fast, hollow waves. A short sharp left also breaks into the San Mateo river mouth on occasion. The best swell direction for Uppers is west and a northeast wind will be offshore.

Lower Trestles is centre stage. An A-frame peak with perfect lefts and rights. There is the chance of a tube and unimaginably well-formed waves for unleashing the full bag of tricks. Lower Trestles is best in a southwest swell and wind from the northeast. It breaks on all tides.

There are a few more breaks in the area but everywhere will have surfers. Trestles is probably the most crowded surf spot in southern California. It only takes one wave to understand why. Access to Trestles is via a paved half hour walking track starting at Cristianitos Road. There are camp grounds nearby.

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