Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach

Tulum, Mexico

Though there are many more popular coastal areas in the country of Mexico, Tulum is a place offering gorgeous beaches and a taste of history. The area is rich in historical and archeological findings and the site of the ruins of an ancient Mayan walled city that makes for an excellent day of exploration. Tired of learning and exploring?

The beautiful beaches nearby are ready for you to come relax and catch some sun on the beautiful Mexican coastline. While you can head to any other beach in the resort cities and be among the masses of sun soaking tourists, Tulum is a place that offers much more to its visitors. Boca Paila is the top beach here for those looking for a bit of unspoiled coastline to carve out their own little place in paradise.

The beach has not been overrun with tourist traps and resorts and it is a largely isolated place where the adventurous tourists and locals set up for a gorgeous day at the beach. It is easy to see why Tulum and its gorgeous Boca Paila Beach is listed as a top beach area.

eGuide rated Tulum Beach as the 5th best beach in the World

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