Vieques Beach

Vieques Beaches

Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques Island in Puerto Rico is a rare unspoiled island in the Caribbean that makes for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The intensely light blue waters and the large natural wildlife reserve makes the island unlike any other place in the Caribbean and a quickly growing place for travelers looking for something different on their stay in the beautiful Caribbean island.

The isolation of the island as a naval port prevented the mass growth of the area as a tourism destination through the years and for this reason the island is well preserved. While those is now changing with development underway making the island more commercial and open to the masses, the island still has a very unique small island charm that is perfect for an intimate romantic getaway or fun for the whole family.

The location is ideal as the island feels very private and yet is very easily accessible providing travelers with a convenient and yet distinctly different island experience. Prices are also very competitive as the location is not yet one of the top Caribbean locates for tourists adding to the allure of this island paradise.

eGuide rated Vieques Beaches as the 2nd best beach in the World

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