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Wadi Rum

Ramm, Jordan

Deep in the heart of the Jordanian Desert Wadi Rum is the stuff of legends and is famous for its connections with Lawrence of Arabia. The area has some magnificent rock formations and desert mountain scenery and there are many walks in the desert that allow people to appreciate the beauty of Jordan.

Wadi Rum

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Wadi Siq Makhras is a classic walk in the area and home to the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Wadi Makras is divided from Jebel Um Ishrin by the Seven Pillars and is awesome to walk through. The enormous cliffs in pink sandstone flank the wadi and at the canyon end there are views over the sandy expanse of the Um Nfoos and the Barrah massifs.

Wadi Rum Jordan

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The trail leads back into Wadi Rum. Other shorter walks include Wadi Salaada, climbing Jebel um Adaami, the highest mountain in Jordan, and a short walk to Lawrence’s Spring which is also mentioned in the Seven Pillars of Wisdom. One of the best ways to relax after a walk at Wadi Rum is to enjoy the Bedouin hospitality and sleep out under the stars in the desert after a traditional meal and storytelling.


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