Wavegarden Surfing

Wavegarden Surfing

Guipúzcoa Province, Basque Country, Spain

The Wavegarden Project was first unveiled in early 2011. It sent a perfect left hand tube peeling down a farmer’s field, in Basque Country, Spain and ripples of excitement throughout the surfing world. It is by far the best manmade recreation of an ocean wave. Whereas Desert Point highlights the surfer’s dependence on natural forces, Wavegarden totally negates it.

The first Wavegarden wave unveiled to the public produced a waist high wave, that peels with a perfect glassy barrel. Allowing the surfer to tuck in for a cover up tube or slash out 3 to 4 turns before it reaches the end of the channel. Jordy Smith and Bobby Martinez were among the first surfers to ride the wave and came out with a blazing two thumbs up.

The beauty of Wavegarden is that the technology is totally reproducible, waist high, head high or double overhead peeling waves can now be manmade and surfed by a whole new generation of surfers.

The Wavegarden project developed their own, entirely original, wave generating technology. It can produce different shaped or different height waves, lefts and rights, all with the same piece of equipment and they estimate a wave up to 3km long is possible. Their intention is that the wave can be operated profitably without all the cheesy theme park add-ons, just surfing, every day of the year.

There are plans for a second inland wave to be created, this one will be head high.

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