2 Dates and one Wedding

Is it possible to get married on two dates with one wedding ceremony?

Yes, only in Fiji. It has a cluster of about 300 islands scattered on the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. Time and again this tropical paradise resting amidst the ocean is called the “Crossroads of the Pacific.”This is because on one of its many pristine islands, specifically Taveuni- the garden Island of Fiji happens to be one of the few places in the world where the 180 degree meridian cuts through solid land. This is where the International Date Line starts and ends. Do you remember the countdown for the millennium? It started on this Fiji isle last 2000. Given this idea would you like to get married in two different dates?!


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But of course Fiji is not just about the date line. Its lush tropical forest, gleaming beaches and radiant waterfalls can be the perfect setting for that dream wedding. Local Fijians are known for their hospitality and most of the resorts can cater small private weddings or can set up a grand wedding ceremony that the bride and the groom will never forget. Its turquoise and blue ocean can create the perfect harmony for your wedding and honeymoon after. Lovers and couples alike often refer to Fiji as the ideal romance. It’s like getting into a whole new world of pure paradise.

An application for getting married in Fiji is even easier. Both parties must at least be 21 years of age and not later than two weeks before the wedding the couple must personally submit the following documents to the registry for verification purposes:Passport, Birth Certificate, divorce papers for previously married, death certificate for widowers, presence of two witness of legal age (21years old). Some additional requirements may be required depending on the country of citizenship.


So where else do you get all this perks in one venue?

Fiji, can give you all your wedding needs in one neat package. May it be an ideal beach wedding or a traditional Fijian wedding in the village Fiji can work its magic for you. The islands are full of surprises aside from its perfect tropical weather the solemnity of the place can remove all your stress of wedding preparations. The Fijians can do it all for you. Imagine about 300 islands with different options of wedding and reception ideas to a package that suits your budget. This is Fiji.

Date posted: 16th August, 2013

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