24 Hours Around The World

24 Hours Around The World

It’s a race against time to travel the globe in under 2 days. Not counting flight times, we start in the British capital of London. Pack your comfiest trainers; this nonstop trip will keep you on your feet and full of fun.

Buckingham Palace London

A rapid afternoon in London begins at Piccadilly Circus, the changing of the guards at 11:30 am at Buckingham Palace, photos of the Big Ben at Westminster Palace, a view of the Thames from the London Eye, and if there’s time, a peak into St. Peters Cathedral.

London Eye

You’ll barely have time to stop in at the pub for fish and chips, so grab it to go in a folded newspaper, tell them to hold the sticky peas, they don’t travel well.The clock is ticking, so hail a black cab to Gatwick or Heathrow and hop on the next plane leaving for Mumbai, India. An eight-hour flight will bring us right into the bustling madness of Mumbai. The cultural and commercial capital of India, Mumbai is a skyscraping city on the shore with an incredible cosmopolitan feel.See the Gateway to India, the spectacular architecture of the Jain Temple,and walk the chaotic streets of the Chor Bazaar.



India is a country packed with people, delicious food, and cultural heritage. Unlike London, this city doesn’t have set prices and will require haggling and negotiations for everything from transport to small purchases. If night is falling seek out Chowpatty Beach for the night bazaar lined with local food stalls and an in-depth look into local life. There’s no time for jetlag, we’re hightailing it around the human planet. Get back to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, we’re continuing east on our trek. Next stop, Tokyo.

Tokyo, Japan


The smelly streets of Mumbai are a thing of the past, now we’re in the world of convenience and modern amenities. Tokyo is a city that is running around the clock, so no matter what time you arrive, there’s something going on. In city center Tokyo the shopping will blow you away, head to the Ginza for neon lights and roads lined with malls, coffee houses, and plenty of dining options. If the weather is nice visit Yoyogi Park, it’s easily accessibly on the JR at stop Omotesando. The park is famous for the annual cherry blossoms in the spring and the quiet city retreat throughout the year. On the weekends, see the city in a different light, families come to picnic and listen to the local musicians playing in the park while across the field a group practices martial arts. Every walk of life in Tokyo visits the park, so make sure it’s a stop on your Asian experience.

Yoyogi Park

flickr image by clio1789


If you can stand the smell, and have already ruined your shoes visit the Tsukiji Fish Market off of Tsukijishijo station, easily accessibly by three different rail lines. Want the freshest sushi in town? Tokyo is just the place, just outside the Fish Market, locals and tourists alike will queue up early in the morning to taste the raw catch of the day. Don’t wait for two hours at Sushi Dai like all the other tourists, spot out the workers in black boots and see where they’re eating. If you’re sipping on a local brew, learn the local cheers and say Kom Pai! The Japanese will love your enthusiasm, even if they’re not great at showing it.

Congrats we have hit posh London, snake charmers in India, and fresh fish in Tokyo. The world isn’t an easy place to see in less than a couple days, but with proper planning anyone can make the most out of their holiday on the fly! Time for a kip egh?

Date posted: 14th July, 2015

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