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A Foodie Guide To Paris

We all know Paris is the ultimate destination for a foodie in France. The problem is, how to summarize all of the thousands of things to do and taste into one recommendation. The best solution is to provide you with a list of suggestions. Once you visit the following  you will inevitably walk by or hear about a multitude of other places to add to it. Take notes as you go for your own special black book of important addresses.

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Food Halls

Fauchon is the quintessential gourmet food hall in Paris. Sparkling, elegant, over the top, its precious spices and condiments are sold around the world. You will find it on the Place de la Madeleine. Take your camera, because the window displays alone are spectacular. There are several ways to experience it. Walk around. Buy one or two chocolates. The ground floor cafe has expensive, but oh so worth it snacks and lunch items for you to purchase. There is a bakery so you can buy just one of something. Whatever you do, try at least one thing. This is really a special treat for food lovers.

There is a large and very popular food hall at the massive Paris department store Galleries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussman. Take the escalator up to the food hall and give yourself at least an hour to browse around. It has everything from a butcher, to cheeses, breads, fresh produce, a few small restaurants and cafes, and loads of gourmet products to tempt you. Another idea is to head up to the top floor of the department store itself, way up by the skylights, where there are several affordable and excellent restaurants as well to try with views over the rooftops of Paris.

Over on the left bank stands one of the best food halls in the city, within the Le Bon Marche department store. Called La Grande Epicerie, this amazing food emporium will take your breath away. Everything is super fresh, super beautiful, super delicious, and they carry such a wide selection of products that it truly is a must see destination.



If you are dreaming of purchasing copper cookware on your trip to Paris, the top chefs and foodies shop at E. Dehillerin on Rue Coquilliere. In an ancient looking store, cookware is stacked from ceiling to floor and continues down the stairs in the basement. There is a huge selection of knives, molds, specialty pans for paella, and just about anything you can imagine a gourmet kitchen should have. They ship worldwide so you won’t have to carry it home!


Museum Restaurants

One of the best kept secrets from tourists has to be the outdoor terrace of the Mini Palais restaurant, located at the back of the Grand Palais museum near the Champs Elysee. Go for lunch in the warmer months and reserve your table outside. In the winter, the interior restaurant is chic and sleek. Top notes to a meal here are the service, the fresh popovers brought to your table with Barale butter from Normandy, and the refined cuisine. Try the cherry tomatoes stuffed with escargots, the fresh burratta with Parma ham, and the cherry clafoutis.



A meal at Brasserie Flo on the Cour des Petites Ecuries will transport you immediately back in time. The decor, service and food are sublime. Try fresh oysters or fruits de mer to start with, or the foiegras encased in chilled Riesling aspic. The Sole Meuniere is always delicious as is the traditional Alsatian brasserie dish choucroutegarni, a platter piled high with sauerkraut, smoke ham, smoked pork, and sausages. Have a cab take you there the first time as it is hard to find, tucked away in a small side courtyard.


Pastry Shops

Gaston Lenotre founded this incredible chain of pastry shops as wells as the Lenotre Cooking School. Every Lenotre pastry shop has the most luxurious, wonderful pastries and foods for you to buy. This is arguably the very top of the pile as far as fine French pastry shops go. So it is a must visit for any foodie visiting Paris. Have your hotel give you the address of the one nearest you. You might also think about dining at the Pre Catalan Restaurant in the Bois de Bologne, a Lenotre restaurant set in a lovely park.

Laduree pastry shop has now opened shops all across the world. Their original store in Paris on the Champs Elysee is exquisitely decorated, almost like a jewel box holding precious little macarons and pastries. Downstairs is the bakery, but if you have the budget give yourself a treat and dine upstairs in the forming dining rooms. In the evening, lit by candlelight, you will be experiencing a delightful side of Paris!


Chocolate Shops

Chocolate shops in Paris have evolved to also be macaron (delicate almond cookies) shops and shops selling pastries. One of the best in Paris is Pierre Herme, who has shops through the city. Don’t miss trying his world famous macarons so loved by Parisians and culinary tourists alike. His pastries are so special that people make pilgrimages to his stores and take boxes of them back to their hotel rooms to savor.



Poilane is understandably the best bread shop in Paris. It is so popular that it ships its bread worldwide. You can visit the original small bakery on Rue du Cherche Midi and buy yours as well as a small bag of his famous little butter cookies.

Tip: The small restaurant next door to Poilane makes fabulous sandwiches using Poilane bread. Try the chicken with capers sandwich with a glass of white wine. It makes a great lunch spot!

Date posted: 13th August, 2013

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