A Mayan May

A Mayan May

The Yucatan peninsula is the gateway to the ancient Mayan world. A Mexican vacation can be as relaxing as swaying on a beachside hammock or action packed filled with excursions and side trips. Cancun is the party capital of Mexico where tourists flock to drink authentic margaritas and sun bathe on the Gulf of Mexico. When the sun goes down the city lights up, club hoppers unite in a wild adventure that is Cancun. Take a break from the party and begin your Mayan ruin trek.

A Mayan Mexico

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Head southbound towards the city of Tulum, on the way, stop in Playa del Carmen for a beautiful seaside lunch. If you love resorts and a touristy spin on your Mexican vacation, stay in Playa del Carmen for a couple nights. Food and lodging will be more expensive, but will come with an array of amenities. Once you have decided to get back on the road drive into Tulum, most accommodation sits directly off the sea sand, so head beachside. From mom and pop dives to luxury boutique hotels, Tulum has several options. The laidback community welcomes the unexpected traveler, so don’t worry about reservations. Dedicate an entire day to the ruins of Tulum, upon arrival hire a guide to tour the area. Set on the cliffs overlooking the clear blue sea, it’s no surprise why this ancient civilization made it their home.

The Mayan World

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The cool breeze and scenic views create the perfect setting for a memorable day trip. Don’t leave without snapping a few photos of the beachside Mayan world. After a long day of the ruins, relax on the beach with a local Corona in hand. The city of Tulum may not light up at night like the party capital of Cancun, but what is in store will beat any expectation. Shining from the sky in a million soft lights, the stars of the Tulum sky will take your breath away. Once you’ve basked upon the Tulum starry sky, no other will ever seem as bright. The city glows with an effervescence of history and beauty from sun up to sun down. A Mayan holiday would not be complete without the ancient capital of Chichen Itza. Climb the historic pyramid El Castillo, but watch your step, the stones are steep and several tourists regret the trek to the top.

A Mayan holiday

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Visitors flock to this cultural Mecca in the thousands, so arrive early and attempt to beat the crowds. Don’t leave without walking through the columns in the Temple of a Thousand Warriors. There are several other Mayan sites scattered across the Yucatan peninsula. Visit the lost city of Coba, nestled deep in the Mexican jungle or tour Uxmal in the town of Muna. The ruins of the Mayas vary from site to site, but the inner story of deep tradition and cultural pride is evident in every monument. From seaside to deep rainforest the temples of times past share an epic story of a lost world that will never be forgotten.

Date posted: 8th April, 2015

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