Edinburgh Castle

A Royal Wedding in a Castle

We have to admit we all dream of being a princess, being swept off our feet with a handsome prince ending in a happily ever after and saying our “I do” inside a castle. It is such a romantic fairy tale, fresh from a story book. This dream wedding can happen in Scotland, boasting history and tradition, it is considered one of the most magical destination to get married. Why not fulfill those childish fantasies?

Scotland has several castles some in ruins and are owned privately but there are those who have been converted into luxury hotels. Like the Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh. It is a 13th century fortress with more than 20 bedrooms to choose from styled with different historical theme and you can also try out their dungeon restaurant for your rehearsal dinner. Another famous location is the Skibo Castle where Madonna got married was described as a taste of heaven on earth.

Stirling Castles

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For a little cheaper on the budget you may want to check out the Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castles. The Edinburgh Castle is nestled in the center of Scotland’s capital that offers stunning view of the city’s landscape which can be a perfect backdrop for your wedding. The Stirling Castle however can house a guest of up to 300 people with its grand ballroom fit for royal ball. Dundas Castle is convenient and well preserved situated just about 15 minutes outside of the airport. And so much more choices of castles that suite any couples budget.

Of course there is the town of Gretna meaning “Gravelly Hill” which is well known for its wedding of liberal marriages. Gretna in Scotland has been one of the popular destinations for underage wedding for they allow marriage for as young as 16 years old and eloping couples. This is because Scotland gives any citizen the right to perform a marriage ceremony making way for a quick and easy marriage. There is no residency requirement all you need is a 15 days’ notice in case there are any doubt or protest.

Scotland allows you to marry anywhere provided that you do not do anything to compromise the solemnity and dignity of the ceremony.The only stipulation in getting the license is that it requires a grid reference- which means you need to be stationary in the actual ceremony so be wary of a downpour as you may need to change location or if you decided to marry on transportation like boats, bus or train.

Date posted: 26th August, 2013

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