A Wedding in Central Park

A Wedding in Central Park

Probably one of the most romantic cities in the world would be one city you’ve never even thought about for a wedding.  It’s going to be a great location for your exchange of vows and you’ll be in the midst of the lush gardens of a beautiful park.  The location is New York City and the wedding venue is Central Park.  You have a number of spots to tie the knot there, more specifically, four beautiful spots like The Conservatory Gardens, The Pool, BowBridge and ShakespeareGarden.

If you and your partner love the works of Shakespeare, you can have your wedding in a garden that’s full of beautiful flowers that are mentioned in his works.  When you book this location for your wedding, the best time for the ceremony would be in spring when all the flowers and plant life are in bloom and vibrant.  The best thing about this spot in Central Park is that it’s a less frequented area where you can have all the privacy and intimacy you want for a wedding ceremony.  You can have your closest friends and family with you and then you can move to a popular location for the reception.

A Wedding in Central Park New York

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The ConservatoryGardens might be your choice for a wedding location in New York City.  If you pick this place, you can pick a spot that matches your wedding theme if you want to have an English style wedding, an Italian style wedding or a French style wedding.  The conservatory is a large expanse of land divided into three categories for these particular styles.  It’s going to be the perfect location for a memorable and romantic kind of garden wedding where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful flowers blooming wonderfully just as you and your partner’s love is blooming.

Being in the center of the city, you’ll have all the services you need to make your wedding perfect.  You have your choice of caterers, your choice of musicians or band and even your choice for mode of transportation.  For this, you can go with the most traditional way of getting around to enjoy the sights in Central Park, a horse drawn carriage.  The ceremony itself can take place in the park and you can have any of the posh restaurants around the city as a reception venue.  As romantic as the city is, you’ll also have everything at your fingertips for a beautiful wedding.

Date posted: 18th September, 2014

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