Adventurous Belize

Adventurous Belize

Belize is a land of beauty and mighty history that has a lot to offer for adventurous travelers. Exploring the less explored offshore Belize is recognized as one of the 50 tours of a lifetime by National Geographic travel magazine. The waters around Belize offer excellent views for snorkeling and you can have great views of dazzling and extraordinary marine life.

After you reach Belize, catch a flight to Turneffe Atoll to take a closer look at the Belize reef. Snorkeling and diving exciting adventurous activities to explore the barrier reef. During your adventure trip, you can see a variety of fish and marine life, with a range of colours along this beautiful reef. A number of marine species await discovery as you dive into the waters. You can get close to the marine life as you snorkel under the waters of Belize . A trip in these waters is truly awe-inspiring, but be sure to take precautionary steps to stay away from harmful species.

The great blue hole is one of the most fascinating diving sites in the world. The circular large sinkhole stretches for many miles and it is 480 ft deep. The dark blue colour formed by the deep waters adds mystic beauty to the sinkhole. Diving here you will find ancient caves and huge stalactites. The outer rim is shallow and holds even more of the abundant marine life. Some of the best snorkeling experiences are available here, with Elkhorn , angelfish, staghorn and other species to be seen. The Half Moon cave site also has a bird sanctuary hosting some of the rarest species of birds in the area.

An adventurous Belize tour is not complete if you don’t visit the Mayan ruins in Punta Gorda. These ruins reveal the dramatic intelligence and architectural skills of the Mayans who lived there several centuries ago. Among the ruins, you will find temples and beautiful plazas that stand as evidence of the organized social lifestyle of the Mayan society.

Date posted: 27th November, 2016

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