Agbar Tower

Agbar Tower

Having quite an interest in modern architecture, I’ve long felt that Londons gherkin building, or the Swiss Rei to give it one of its others names, was one of the most innovative and impressive looking buildings of modern times.

You can imagine my excitement on seeing Barcelonas Agbar Tower with its similar style but a look at the design capabilities of the building would indicate it has the edge over its UK counterpart.

Agbar Tower Barcelona

flickr image by pedro.ferreira35

By night, the building comes alive with the façade being lit by over 4,000 LED devices which create designs and patterns, transforming the look of the building from its daily appearance. Another neat facility is the way that temperature sensors on the outside of the building regulate the opening and closing of windows, which saves on the amount of energy used to power the air conditioning system, meaning not only does the building look amazing, its environmentally sound as well.

Agbar Tower at NIght

flickr image by Alex Bikfalvi

Standing as the third tallest building in Barcelona, being 6 metres shorter than the Arts Hotel and the Mafre Tower, the Agbar Tower may be the host of the Barcelona Water Company but theres nothing everyday or mundane about the building itself. Completed in 2005, the building is sure to dominate the Barcelona skyline for years to come and it can only be hoped that it leads to many other structure of equal beauty and innovation.

Date posted: 11th June, 2018

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