Aguascalientes is located to the north of Guadalajara in central Mexico, a smaller state that was named for its absolute abundance of hot springs, which are a main attraction and grand experience for tourists.

This state was created after the Spanish arrival and conquest resulting in a more noticeable Spanish flair in the architecture. During that time Aguascalientes was the main zone for silver mining, grape and guava growing and wine producing industries. There was also a major railway that created traffic and residents, and brought industry to the area. The area is heavily dependent on tourism as a result of the old school beauty from the colonial times, as well as the charm and cleanliness of the city. And these characteristics have carried over into today.

Anyone coming to Aguascalientes should check out the San Marcos Fair, Mexico’s largest festival for celebrating life, food and happiness. The food is exquisite, and dishes like wine-sauced chicken and barbacoa lamb are insanely delicious. Every September, the Grape and New Wine Festival takes place showcasing only the most prestigious wineries and their products. Any tourist who loves to learn about grapes and wines should attend this glorified event.

The local markets all feature handmade gifts of embroidery, hats, ceramics, jewelry and leather, and every tourist can find something to cherish from this creative state. Leather working and shoe making are also found in this state, and a tourist can often find a great deal on high quality handbags or footwear.

The people of Aguascalientes seem to have lots of festivals and celebrations, making them some of the happiest, most content people anywhere in the world. World-known for their haciendas, vineyards and baths, Aguascalientes is a wonderfully relaxed state to visit. Anyone wanting a joyous holiday can find it today in Aguascalientes

Date posted: 22nd June, 2018

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