Alaska Holidays

Alaska Holidays: A Cruise in the Land of the Midnight Sun

If you want a once in a lifetime holiday then this is the one for you. An escorted tour is the perfect way to tackle Alaska in safety and luxury. With the constantly changing scenery of a cruise, it will feel like several holidays rolled into one; with picture-perfect views of snow-capped mountains and dynamic cities you get a taste of a plethora of cultures and great value for your money. Affectionately nicknamed “The Great Land” Alaska is a beautiful landscape and unique experience. With more than 100,000 glaciers stretching across almost 5% of the state, and a mountainous landscape with landmarks such as Mt Mckinley, the tallest mountain in North America, which stands at 20,320 feet; Alaska has a lot of natural beauty to offer its visitors.

The 49th state brings not only unparalleled peace and quiet but also an abundance of wildlife, boasting the largest known concentration of bald eagles in the world as well as well as polar bears and the chance to check out orcas and humpback wales. Alaska’s formidable landscape, which bears more than 3 million lakes, more than 3,000 rivers and an impressive coastline which stretches for 47,300 miles, will widen your horizons. With 15 national parks, preserves and monuments to its name there are a range of activities available to blow you away. What better way to explore this spectacular country than a cruise? To soak in the beautiful views not only of the ocean, but the land itself.

Often known as the land of the midnight sun, Alaska has some unusual light patterns. In Barrow, the sun doesn’t set for 84 days of the year, a phenomenon known as midnight sun. Barrow also has 64 full days with no daylight. In places such as Anchorage though, even in the shortest days there is at least 6 hours of light.

There are 2 to 3 week tours which will let you peek into the world of the Canadian Rockies. With 7 days of the tour spent on a cruise ship and three days to look around Vancouver, this holiday lets you explore at your own pace. Stopping at Lake Louise you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a flawless view of snow-capped Rocky mountains as well as a tour of Banff and its lakes. Taking a brief break in Seattle the tour goes on through its 1000 mile journey to Alaska. With varied means of travel within the holiday from cruise ship to coach, you will feel as though you’ve packed more than one holiday into this getaway. you can find several excursions in the land of the midnight sun, including a Delux Alaskan Voyage which lets you discover Alaska’s Inside Passage as well as The Rocky Mountains and more unusual trips such as the San Francisco, Coast Starlight and Alaskan Cruise. If you choose one of the Alaska holidays , maybe with a few stops on the way, or you aren’t sure if you would prefer a trip by rail or cruise, then you’ll find a variety of holidays catering for every need. These Northern adventures are a once in a lifetime experience for anyone interested in a luxuriously tour of Alaska and a peek at its landscape.

Date posted: 29th November, 2016

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