Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is sometimes referred to as a “corniche”, a French term for a road that winds along a steep coast or cliff, this drive winds along the cliffs of this coastline as it soars and plunges and sends drivers into one blind hairpin after another.

Amalfi Coast Italy

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The cliffs, plunging dramatically in a sheer 500 foot drop to stunning blue waters and sandy coves below, are stunning scenery in and unto themselves; the added beauty of the picturesque villages and towns which cling giddily to these cliffs together combine to provide some of the most magnificent and spectacular scenery anywhere in the world. Running from the towns of Sorrento to Salerno, this journey is also filled with a number of famous attractions and other notable towns along the way that one must stop and see; rather than speeding from one end to the other, one should thoroughly visit many of these extractions, and hence may wish to extend this road trip to one or two days. It is recommended that one drive slowly and carefully along this route, rather than attempting to navigate its twists and turns in record fashion, in a car that is easy to handle (with good brakes J ) and in good condition. A road trip along this coast is filled with a beauty that no words can describe until seen in person, and is a trip that one will remember for many years to come.

Amalfi Coast in Italy

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Starting in Sorrento and heading west around the Sorrento Peninsula, one will head for the first major stop of this drive, the town of Positano; this portion of the journey will take the driver past the island of Capri, past stunning views of the Mediterranean sea and coastline, and a number of picturesque towns that many consider to be worth a visit unto themselves (one town renown for its extraordinary views of the Bay of Naples and the Bay of Salerno as well as its gourmet cuisine is the town of Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi. In particular one may wish to try the restaurant of Don Alfonso 1890, considered to be one of the best restaurants in suothern Italy; . Upon arriving in Positano, noted for its extraordinary beauty and five star views, one will see the famed colorful Mediterranean houses clinging to the cliffs, stacked one on top of the other, and appearing to be leaning and standing against the cliffs .

Bay of Naples

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Although crowded during the tourist season, one may still find ample parking to stop and view this town without a prior hotel reservation; characterized by many flights of steps, narrow cobbled streets, steep walkways, roads, and alleys, the main sites that one will wihs to visit in this walking town include the monumental complex of the Cathedral of amalfi, which contains the bons of the first disciple of Christ now preserved in the Crypt of St. Andrew. Comfortable walking shoes are a must in this small town.

Cathedral of Amalfi

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After leaving the town of Positano, the route will become markedly more difficult to drive as one heads for the next major stop of the town of Amalfi, the biggest town along this entire road trip. Notable towns which you may wish to visit along this way include Praiano, an increasingly popular and fashionable town (another must see site here include the “path of the gods”, or the Sentiero degli Dei , a famous walking path that begins at sea level in this town and climbs up stone stairways through villages as it heads toward the village of Via Santa Domenica.

Positano, Amalfi Coast

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Once it reaches here it becomes a level path and connects to a centuries old stone pathway that traces the Amalfi coast, passing the town of Nocello, famed for its magnificent cuisine, as it heads towards Positano, its final destination. Note: this route takes about five hours, and is only for those who wish to take a level, rather than steep or stair climbing, walking tour of some towns of this coastline.). After having navigated the road to Amalfi (this portion, again, contains some of the most dangerous twists and turns), one must visit the town’s enormous cathedral, numerous shops and restaurants, and the famed Paper Mills. Journeying along, one will next pass the towns of Atrani, Ravello, Scala, Minori, Tramonti, and Vietri sul Mare before reaching the final destination city of Salerno, where one’s road trip will come to an end. This road trip will have introduced the traveler to not only some of the most stunning scenery found anywhere in the world but also the peoples and cultures of southern Italy, some of the best cuisine to be found anywhere in Europe, and some of the most ancient villages which still exist today.

Date posted: 31st March, 2016

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