Anchor Point, Morocco

Anchor Point, Morocco

Ever since its discovery in the 1960s, Anchor Point has been a surf trip pilgrimage for European surfers crossing the Med. Situated in the village of Taghazout, which has developed into a surf tourism now, it is famous for the series of world-class point breaks along the coastline.

Surf in Anchor Point

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Anchor Point is a rock bottom point break. The take-off area is a small peak in front of a rock shelf, negotiable only by experienced surfers. The wave rolls down the point with several barrel sections alternated with speedy walls and perfect for high-performance surfing. The waves can be over a kilometre long and walking back around the beach is preferable to paddling out after a wave.

Surf in Anchor Point, Morocco

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The winter months of November to February are the swell season. Tanghazoute has plenty of cheap to mid-range accommodation options, many catering specifically to surfers.

Date posted: 30th June, 2017

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