Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal
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Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal

The Annapurna Sanctuary is one of the most spectacular mountain amphitheatres in the world. It was used by Nepalese shepherds for centuries before being discovered by the British military in 1952.

Annapurna Sanctuary

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The Sanctuary is an almost complete ring of snow capped Himalayan peaks, which top 7,000m and are draped with snowfields and glaciers throughout the year. There is only one way into the basin, which entails a trek through a gorge lined with bamboo jungle and rainforest, with the waters of the Modi Khola thundering below.

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Nepal

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The mountains can be seen from the mountain town of Pokhara, but this 7-12 day trek can also be done as a diversion from Ghorepani or from Naya Pul. You will need a local guide and to train carefully beforehand.


Annapurna Sanctuary Trek Nepal

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There are steep ascents and tricky paths to negotiate, but during the trekking season there are rhododendrons lining the route, traditional teahouses along the way, and the joy of seeing Machapuchhare and the Annapurna range is an immense reward for your exertion.

Date posted: 31st July, 2017

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