Antarctica cruises

Antarctica cruises

Out of all the world cruises available, the ones to Antarctica are perhaps the most interesting and are the ones that allow us to have an out-of-the-ordinary vacation of excellence.

Antarctica is the driest, coldest, and windiest continent on the entire planet. It is also the continent that has been the least touched by human presence.

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This vast and beautiful pure white landscape holds so many surprises that may become lost for words. Lately, this location has become one of the most popular cruise destinations and this has brought many cruise ships, ice-breakers, and expedition cruises to Antarctica.

The point of departure for all Antarctic cruise ships is Ushuaia although these ships may be on various different itineraries through the region. Generally, the cruise will visit the Antarctic Peninsula, the mountainous regions of South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands. The captivating wildlife will grab your attention as you cruise through the Antarctic region. Another amazing attraction that you will be able to see are the blue icebergs that float by in eerie silence in the surrounding waters.

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Many cruise ships have guides who lecture on all aspects of Antarctica for the edification of the guests. These cruise lines may also offer the guests pastimes such as Antarctic on-shore-camping or kayaking through the icy waters. Expedition cruise ships are special vessels that have been designed for the express purpose of smooth sailing through these choppy waters. The deluxe facilities and amenities, along with their spacious and deluxe accommodations, are ideally suited for long holidays. The public areas are large and can consist of bars, lounges, gymnasiums, and other fitness facilities.

Best Antarctica cruises

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The Ice-breaker ships are the hardiest ones you could travel on. Once used for research purposes, these ships have now been converted into passenger vessels with all possible luxuries. These vessels are modern and have an array of features for the use of the passengers, yet they still have enough of the spirits of the working ship to give out an expeditionary feel to the whole voyage.

Luxury expedition cruise ships, however, are the top of the range ships which travel to Antarctica which feature many 5 star services that will please the most discerning of passengers. These cruise ships are equipped with all the facilities and modern fittings that make cruising through the icy waters of Antarctica rather fun. You will be able to take part in land excursions where you will be able to come face to face with the wild life of the region.

There is yet another type of cruise ship on these waters. These are research ships which have been refurbished to accommodate small passenger groups. While these ships do not offer the wide-ranging luxury that a traditional cruise ship may provide, they can give you the opportunity to still experience all of the wonder that Antarctica has to offer.

Antarctica is the land mass that surrounds the South Pole and has no indigenous people or government. It has less than 1,000 inhabitants during winter, although this number can increase to up to 35,000 in the summer months. The economic activity here is limited to fishing and tourism. Antarctica itself is governed by the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. There are 43 nations that are currently party to this treaty. Tourism is the mainstay of the region and often brings about 20 vessels at any given time.

The beauty of Antarctica is in its pristine blue and white landscapes and amazing features, such as underwater caves. These particular dramatic vistas that present themselves to the eyes can only be encountered here in Antarctica. This “White Continent,” as it is fondly known, is home to the lovable penguins, Leopard Seals, and a few varieties of birds. However many times you visit this beautiful white paradise, though, it will still hold the same freshness as it did the first time you saw it. This may partly be attributed to the fact that the weather conditions are notoriously unreliable and changes to the itinerary might be inevitable. Every time that you visit Antarctica, you could have a completely new experience.

Date posted: 4th April, 2018

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