Artscape Theatre Centre

Artscape Theatre Centre

Artscape is a multi-functional creative arts center that helps promote performing arts and entertainment in the area. The Artscape Theatre Center aims to be the center of creative excellence. It wants to facilitate and promote performing arts, develop audiences and provide theatre services like event management coordination, set construction, stage services, catering, advertising, costume design and transportation. It has three trucks for hire.

Artscape Theatre Centre Cape Town

This was originally called as Nico Malan theatre complex. It was opened in May 19, 1971. In March 2001, its name was changed to Artscape Theatre Centre. The Opera House covers 14,000 square meters. The Artscape Theatre Centre is the largest theatre in the Western Cape. It has the seating capacity of 1,187 while it’s theatre seats 540. The Arena Theatre has the capacity of 140.

Aside from that, it has rehearsal rooms, gardens, and a piazza. It has its own décor studio with a manufacturing service team that makes state of the art props and scenic designs. In South Africa , the Artscape Theatre Centre’s costume department ranks top. It has at least 30,000 garments of different themes and periods. Its wardrobe team is composed of highly qualified designers, costume artists, seamstresses and even a wig maker. You can request a guided tour for this smoke free building. It has ample parking spaces. The municipal underground parking is even linked to the Artscape Theatre Centre.

The Artscape Theatre Centre can be found on Malan Street, Foreshore, Cape Town. It is near the business district and the International Convention Centre.

Date posted: 13th March, 2016

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