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Sri Lanka, The Maldives, The Islands in the Gulf of Thailand, all globally renowned as exceptional places to spend a beach holiday.

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by JAP_Aviation

Many of these locations were originally discovered by backpackers twenty or so years ago, what they all had in common was an incredible amount of unspoilt beaches, a local culture which was friendly and open, and an economy which made making an extended stay on a shoestring more than possible. Fast forward twenty years and we find modern resorts, five start hotels and the whole host of facilities which holidaymakers enjoy.

by Christian Steen

by Christian Steen

Let us take the small island in the Gulf of Thailand, named Koh Samui as an example. Originally a backpacker’s haven, palm huts on the beach and no running water, loved by a whole generation of young people who missed out on the 60s. Modern Koh Samui is populated by international hotel chains, top class restaurants and English speaking locals. From the superior service at the local airport, to the pristine beach, everything is geared towards providing that perfect beach holiday.

Date posted: 5th July, 2018

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