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Asian Civilization Museum

It is one of Singapore ‘s national museums and is under the authority of the National Heritage Board. The primary objective of the museum is to promote a deeper understanding of the highly diverse and multi ethnic culture of the Singaporean society. It focuses on accounts of how early settlers in Singapore, who came from different parts of Asia during the past 100 years, created Singapore ‘s history. This includes collections of different groups that originated from China, the southeastern, the southern and the western parts of Asia.

Asian Civilization Museum

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The museum is divided into wings which are of neo classical style. Galleries inside the Asian Civilization Museum are individually themed rather than the traditional chronological approach. The first wing is located at the Armenian Street and has its focus on the culture and civilization of the Chinese. At present, ACM’s flagship or the second wing is at the Empress Place which opened in early March of 2003 and occupied 14,000 sq. metres of the Empress Place Building .

Asian Civilization Museum Visit

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It has over 11 galleries which houses over a thousand artifacts and now includes the collections from the Raffles Museum . A visit to the museum also gives one a magnificent view of the Singapore River in one of its function rooms.

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What makes ACM more interesting to visitors is that thematic galleries are equipped with multimedia components and other interactive installations such as virtual hosts, Explore Asian interactive zones which make the museum more advanced and highly insightful in learning the different Asian heritage including that of India, China, the Islamic countries and the Southeast Asia.

Asian Civilization Museum

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The Asian Civilization Museum is open every Mondays from 1 pm to 7 pm; Fridays at 9 am to 9 pm; and on all other days from 9 am to 7 pm. There are also guided tours both for English and Japanese language and approximate touring hour is two hours.

Date posted: 19th February, 2016

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