August in Phuket

August in Phuket

Thai style. What is that you say? Thai style. Welcome to a world of Buddhist monk meets raging alcoholic. The country is as vibrant as their people, from bowing to shouting, the mix of styles in the Thai culture will keep you guessing. Now see this style on the beaches of southern Thailand. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, with population of over a million.

Wat Phutta Mongkhon Nimit, Phuket City

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Most international airlines fly directly into Phuket, no one enjoys the 12-hour ridefrom Bangkok. The airport is situated in the northern side of the island, making a long ride in a cab. Walk just outside the airport to the local metered taxi stands. This will alleviate the price gouging that frequents inside and around the terminal. As a general rule, never pay more than 500 bht ($15 dollars) for transport anywhere on the island. This is a country of hagglers, and almost any price is worth a negotiation, apply this method to everything here from market goods to transportation. Do NOT be afraid to quote a lower price, especially with conviction.

Patong Beach Phuket

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The major tourist destinations on the islands are Patong, Karon, Nai Harn and Kata, you can find a wonderful slice of Phuket in any of these destination, with easy access to see them all. You’ll never feel lonely in Patong, the beach is a tourist haven with vendors, excursions and white sand beach bars. If you’re looking for a party, search no further, the area has a renowned reputation for serving up “buckets of fun” and late night craziness. Be aware that prostitution and drugs are abundant, so don’t take the kiddies.

Phuket Town itself is more for picking up any last minutes items, eating some delicious streetfood, and a nice drive through an eclectic mix of city meets Thai island life. Day excursions are offered throughout the island, take an elephant rides through the jungle, trek up one of the local waterfalls, or grab the snorkel gear for some underwater fun. Prices for excursions can vary depending where your accommodation is located, they’re not cutting you a deal outside the Four Seasons.

The best bet on a budget is simply to start asking for discounts upon arrival to the excursion stands down on the street. Most employees will be pushy to book your business, but remember to quote a few different prices to ensure a reasonable price. Some are quite pricey. It’s easy to book a day and night in nearby islands like Phi Phi, James Bond Island, Koh Lanta, or the Similans. You’re in an ideal location to island hop, take advantage if you can. The Thais are a friendly and loving culture, but they are out to get your money. It’s unfortunate and somewhat understated how much they rip off tourists, if you say how much, they will sit there and quote something up to 5 times the local price.

Travel Phi Phi Island

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If you are looking to get away from the bright lights and deafening music of Patong, head to the southern side of Phuket Island. Kata and Nai Harn are both smaller beaches with a lazier look on the Andaman Sea. Kata offers great late night dining with heavenly views of the coast. Nai Harn is possibly the smallest and quaintest beach spot on Phuket, the crescent shaped shore feels private and comfortable for a tamer traveler. Most of the beaches on Phuket have chairs and umbrellas to rent for a small fee. Arrive with a fresh fruit shake in hand for a relaxing day on the beach and a killer suntan. Beachside restaurants line the tide serving up local Thai specialties, fresh caught seafood, and even Western food for the timid. Sit aside the ocean, and hear the gentle mix of reggae music and soft crashing waves. Every night at sunset locals and tourists alike climb the steps to nearby Phromtep Cape, the sky is alive with hues of yellow, pink, and blue, and once the sun has set on Phuket, everyone stands still in awe.

Date posted: 11th June, 2015

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