The 86,600 sq km Islamic Republic of Azerbaijan is located North of Iran, with Georgia and Russia to its north, Armenia due West; the Caspian Sea forms its Eastern border. An agrarian country, over half its landmass is agricultural; another quarter is pasture.

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by Dan Lundberg

It has a historic past, stretching back over five millennia, mainly due to its favourable climate and suitability for farming. As might be expected, it was raided time and again and its granaries looted. It was also well known for its silk and carpets, and lay on the famous Silk route. It is an oil-rich country and its economy thrives on oil exports. Since becoming independent in 1991 Azerbaijan has successfully negotiated the economic chaos concomitant to the transition to a market economy using oil as its bargaining chip. It signed a contract with a group of petroleum companies at the global level in 1994, called “The Contract of Century”, which has reaped remarkable dividends. It was not affected by the crisis of the last two years. Other natural resources are natural gas, iron deposits and aluminum.

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The coastal city of Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, which has a population of 8.5 million, with a fifty fifty divide between rural and urban. The official language is Azeri, though Russian and Turkish are spoken freely. The majority of the population is Muslim. There are a number of coastal resorts on the Caspian Sea coast and it has good infrastructural support, with a fair number of cars though the roads are badly maintained, except for the highways.

The railways are equally pitiable. Heydar Aliyev International Airport (former Bina International Airport) is the international airport in Azerbaijan, some 20 km out of Baku and has the reputation of being the airport with the most dense traffic in the Caucasus. The country has its own airline, Azerbaijan Airlines, housed at Baku. There are four other airports to service the country. Despite these drawbacks, Azerbaijan is a country worth visiting. The major cities and tourist destinations are Ganja, Sheki, Shemakha and Nakhichevan, among others. Guided tours are recommended.

Accommodation is excellent, mainly along the coastline, and caters to both ends of the spectrum. Azerbaijan is called the home of longevity. Apparently this is due to Azerbaijan’s salubrious climate, the healthy way of life of its people, and the wholesome food and eating habits of the locals. The plethora of vegetables, fruit, fragrant herbs and spices have motivated Azerbaijani cooks to create distinctive dishes that will stay etched in your memory. Gourmets worldwide profess a healthy respect for Azerbaijani cuisine.

The warm or even hot days in mid April through October make this period the best time to visit Azerbaijan. Evenings are cool, even in summer, with lows dipping to 18º C. Do carry a sweater along. The currency is the Manat, and the exchange rate is 1 Manat=1.25 US$. Time is UTC + 4 Hours.

Date posted: 3rd July, 2018

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