Bali attractions

Bali Attractions

Bali is an extremely diverse place and so the attractions vary greatly from the rugged coastline to volcanic slopes to paddy fields to idyllic villages are much more.

Bali Beaches

Bali beach

The beaches in Bali are known to be some of the best in the world, with sweeping shorelines covered in golden sand, all of which open out into some of the clearest water in South East Asia. This means that for sun worshippers and watersport lovers alike, Bali represents the best place to come to fulfill their idea of a perfect vacation! But what are some of the best beaches on this paradise island and what do they offer to every tourist?



Located in the centre of Bali and a very popular place to go to to experience Balinese culture, relaxation and walking.



Kuta is the hub of Bali tourism and busy and noisy but the place many spend the first night before exploring the rest of Bali.

Nusa Dua

Bukit Peninsula is among the more picturesque locations at Bali and Nusa Dua is among the more popular resorts here. Though at the southern tip of the peninsula the surf gets a bit big, at the north side it is much gentler. Nusa Dua is a must visit as the sand is white and the sea is blue. This is also where you will find some of the biggest and the most renowned hotels of Bali.

Tanah Lot

Here’s another must visit place in Bali – Tanah Lot has a temple on a huge rock and the sea all around it makes the place really attractive. Legend has it that poisonous sea snakes stand guard to protect the temple from intruders and evil spirits. Visit this place late in the day to catch the temple in silhouette.


You are likely to find this extremely attractive. Batubulan is a small village and as you drive towards it, you will come across stone figures on both sides of the road. These figures depict some of the revered demons and divinities from mythology. The carvings are mainly to decorate the temples and houses and protect them from the demons and divinities. Drive northeast from Denpasar to reach Batubulan. You may also want to visit a workshop while in the area to watch how the artisans are creating these stone figures.


Want to check out the unique clothing of Bali ? Gianyar is a small town in the island, but what makes the town special is its textile industry. The traditional clothing of Bali is weaved in a unique ikat weaving style, and you can find out how it is done by taking a tour here. Gianyar is also famous for another reason – the town was once th4e center of a powerful kingdom in Bali.

Pura Besakih

Bali is mostly Hindu and the people of the island are very religious. As you tour the island you will come across countless temples, but the one at Pura Besakih is the most famous – it is huge and the most holy too. The temple is more than 1000 years old and located at the slopes of Mt. Agung , the setting is really thrilling. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma – the 3 cornerstones of the Hindu religion. Plus, the temple complex also contains various sanctuaries for 18 other Gods and characters of the religion. On special occasions prayers are held and thousands of local Hindus come to attend with flowers and fruits. There’s a lot of gaiety on such occasions.

Terraced rice and paddy fields

Just take a walk or drive through the roads to the inlands and you will come across mountain streams and idyllic villages. And close to the villages you will find beautifully decorated rice and paddy fields that form terraces. The terrace structure is for irrigation as the water goes down from one level to another. Most of the terraced fields are between Amlapura and Candidasa.

Pura Kehen

This is among the biggest, oldest and the most famous religious sites at Bali . The Bangli region has many temples, but the Pura Kehen is the most renowned. And it is very old too – it dates back to the 11th century. You will find a huge banyan tree in the courtyard.

Gunung Agung (Mount Agung)

Many feel that Gunung Agung is the “navel of the world” – the place is so important in Balinese religion. They are of the opinion that the mountain was erected by the Gods to watch life from its top. But Gunung Agung is a volcano and it is active too. Every year many adventure seekers try to climb to the peak of the volcano, but it is not without risk as the route is difficult and long. Pura Besakih, the most famous temple in Bali is located here.

Gunung Batur

Gunung Batur is another volcano in Bali and it stands tall at 1,717 meters. Whereas Gunung Agung is the male, according to many in the island, Gunung Batur is the female. Both these mountains are revered by many people in Bali .

Klungkung Royal Palace

The original palace that belonged to the Dewa Agung dynasty was destroyed by the Dutch, and what stands there today has been reconstructed. But the palace is still a must visit as it has beautiful moats, pavilions, lush gardens and spacious courtyards.

The Rugged Coastline of Bali

Bali has some of the most beautiful coastlines in this part of the world. There are white sandy beaches and there is the blue clear water. Then there are secluded coves and virgin lagoons that you will surely love to explore. Hidden from the eye, you will need to hire a boat to visit these places and get away from the crowds.

What Lies Beneath?

What lies beneath the waters is also a great attraction. There are many coral reefs that attractive beautiful fish and sharks too. Bali offers you a great opportunity to swim with the fish and there are trained divers who will help you. There are ship wreck sites too, making the sea bed really interesting. Not keen on a diving trip? Why not do some snorkeling instead? The fishing catch in Bali is also impressive.

Cruising in Bali

To truly enjoy the sea, you must experience cruising while you are at Bali . This will also let you visit some of the less populated coves, the lagoons and the nearby islands. There are quite a few companies that will take you both on sunset cruises as well as day trips. Or you can also go on extended trips. Shorter dinner cruises with boat rides are at your disposal too.

Pick from reef or dolphin cruises, and while returning do not miss out the best views of Bali . There are also those tourists who go on swimming, surfing, diving, fishing trips and semi-submersible boat rides. Some cruises will also take you to the nearby Komodo island where you can watch the famous Komodo Dragons.

Cruising in Bali almost always comes with sumptuous and mouth watering food.

Bali museums

Bali has some excellent museums and temples to explore.

Submarine Safari in Bali

The warm tropical waters around Bali attract sharks and a lot of fish too. There are also some very beautiful corals and underwater reefs. Get on board the Odyssey Submarine that will take you 70 feet down the sea at the Amuk Bay . This is a 45 minute program that you are sure to love.

Date posted: 2nd December, 2016

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