Bangkok Accommodation

Bangkok Accommodation

Accommodation is not difficult to find. Bangkok hotels have been constructed everywhere and Bangkok has some of the most famous in the world. Bangkok hotels come in all sizes and price bands.

There are budget hotels costing less than 500 Baht/night, moderate hotels where a room might cost 1000 Baht/night and deluxe hotels where the rate can be from 3000 Baht upward. Bangkok hotels are generally well managed, very good value and most have a swimming pool and all those at the top end have fitness rooms and often very luxurious rooms.

Bangkok Accommodation

Which area?

On the River

Most of the large international hotels are located on the river front and the most expensive area. Transport is available along the river and taxis easily available for other destinations.


Business District

The Business District is around Silom Road and contains a number of excellent hotels. This area is also very popular with tourists and close to the Night Market and connected to the Sky Train.


Siam Square

Around Siam Square and close by at the World Trade Centre is a collection of excellent hotels. An area with plenty of nightlife, shopping and very central. Siam Square is linked to the Skytrain.


Sukhumvit Road

Running away from Siam Square to the east and then turning south-east, and eventually south, is Sukhumvit Road. This road actually continues for several hundred kilometres, but you do not need to go that far to find the collection of moderately-priced hotels which makes this a popular area for travellers to stay.



To the south-east of the old city and west of Hualampong Station lies an extensive and interesting Chinatown full of crowded, narrow streets. Many of the Chinese shops deal in gold and jewellery, but there are also fabric merchants, food stores, Chinese hotels and many other types of businesses.


Khaosan Road

Khao San Road, where so many budget travellers stay, lies just north of, but outside the limits of, the old city, but within a few minutes walk of many of the interesting sights. Here one can find cheap to medium priced accommodation of all types and qualities in a street of restaurants, travel agents, souvenir shops, taxi drivers and hawkers of fake student cards.


The Old City

In fact, the old city is not so very old, especially in comparison with many other towns in Thailand, but it is full of temples, palaces and monuments, making it a most interesting place. The limits are easily defined, for King Rama I used the Chao Phraya River as the western boundary of Bangkok and then dug a canal to define the eastern boundary. Thus he had created an artificial island easily defensible if necessary. The atmosphere of this area is historic. It is not primarily a residential district and so very few hotels in this area.


The Airport Area

The airport is north of the City and has a few hotels which are mainly used for transit passengers. If the traffic is light the city can be reached in 30 minutes.

Date posted: 24th August, 2018

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