Bangkok dining

Bangkok dining

Bangkok is considered a food heaven with so many Thai cuisines made up with blend of spicy, sour, sweet and salty ingredients. There are limitless options available for food which includes Great value-for-money food courts, riverside eateries, dinner cruises, trendy restaurants and food markets. Apart from that all the world wide big brand chains of fast food are also available.

Bangkok dining

The local places have many roadside food stalls where you can get fruits, grilled meat, noodle, or beverage made in a local style. The prices for these local dishes are not more than 25 and 40 baht per plate. All these places are specialized with an option to eat there or pack and take home.

Bangkok dining roadside

If you want to eat while shopping around then you can go to malls which has many different eating options. In these malls, you can find restaurants which severs fast-food, international cuisine, coffee and snacks as well as fusion foods. You can also find here pan-Asian foods and gourmet bites and basics from all across the world. If you want to enjoy the fine dining experience then you should visit areas up market restaurants. You can have best of Grilled and InterContinental food here. There are special restaurants for Chinese and Brazillian food with special cooks from the native places. You can have large variety of grill, steam, boil, fried and sear fresh dishes served in a typical style.

Bangkok dining

Apart from all the international food varieties, you can have Thai flavored dishes which are special in their own way. You can have steaming bowls of noodle soup, traditional Thai curries, stewed pork legs and pan-fried noodles. One of the main Thai dishes is spaghetti with tuna and hot basil. In the islands, you can get spa foods, minced pork, satay snacks and Khunyai Thalab.

Date posted: 30th August, 2018

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