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Bangkok Travel

Welcome to Bangkok Thailand! The Bangkok official eGuide provides everything you need to know about the “City of Angels”. Bangkok is called Krung Thep in Thai and the capital of Thailand.

Bangkok has award winning hotels, restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes, extensive entertainment and numerous Bangkok attractions. Please use the navigation on the top of the page or the site map to find all you need about Bangkok.

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One of the first surprises about Bangkok is that the city is not called Bangkok in the Thai language. It is called Krung Thep (‘the City of the Angels’) and the name Bangkok refers strictly to only a small part of the city.

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These days most Thais understand what foreigners mean when they say “Bangkok”, but it is also useful for us to understand what Thais mean when they say “Krung Thep”.

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Thais have deep respect and love for the monarchy and portraits of His Majesty King Bhumibol and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit are proudly displayed across the Kingdom.

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Bangkok is unusual in that it is difficult to say where the heart of the city lies, although, if forced to choose, one would probably opt for the oldest part, around the Grand Palace. That is, after all, where King Rama I established the City Pillar and his own residence in 1782, when he moved the capital from the west (Thonburi) to the east side of the river. Good views of Bangkok can be had from the top of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel which is open to visitors and will help you find your bearings.

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Large roads such as Silom or Sukhumvit are called thanon often shortened to Th. Side streets are called soi. Sois are numbered, with even numbers on one side and odd ones on the other. Many sois have an additional name for example Soi 3 is “Soi Nana” and has the address “25 Soi Nana”. Some short alleys are called trok.

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Some of the larger streets such as Sukhumvit change names at different stages and for example is called Sukhumvit on one side of the tollway and changes to Ploenchit just at Thanon Witthayu and then Thanon Rama I. A good landmark is the Chao Phyra River as it passes around most of the tourist areas.

Date posted: 18th August, 2018

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