Belém is the capital city and largest city of the state of Pará, northern Brazil, and is situated on the banks of the Bay of Guajará near the mouth of the Amazon River. The bay is formed by the islands and rivers at the Amazon’s estuary.

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The city was established in 1616 with the Forte do Presépio, which is today known as Forte Castelo, on the banks of the Pará river. At first glance Belém may appear lacking in tourist attractions, but there are actually many attractive and well-preserved colonial buildings to be found, which nowadays are home to some of the city’s official bodies, plus parks, museums, markets and churches.

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On the second Sunday of October each year, one of the largest catholic processions in the world – the Círio de Nazaré – takes place in Belém. At all other times of the year, a good many of the city’s tourist attractions can be enjoyed by simply taking a walk along the shoreline from the docks down to the old Forte Castelo. The docks (Docas) have been refurbished, and offer a good verity of eateries, and there are many regional specialities to choose from.

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The nearest beach to Belém is Ilha do Mosquiero, which is 80km away, and buses can be taken every half an hour. At weekends and in high season, there are boat trips to the coast.

Date posted: 25th June, 2018

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