Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis, UK

At a little under 1,345m, Ben Nevis in Scotland is the UK’s highest mountain. With its rocky path zigzagging all the way up to the summit, it is a mountain that can be scaled in a day, and if you are reasonably fit, you could be standing ‘on top of the world’ in a matter of hours. An average climb to the summit takes four hours and it is an additional three hours to get back down to the bottom. However, it is not an ascent that should be tackled without adequate preparation.

Ben Nevis Climbing

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Local mountain rescue teams advise walkers to wear sturdy walking boots and carry full waterproof clothing, a hat and gloves, and energy snacks and water. They also recommend carrying a map and compass and, of course, knowing how to read it!

Ben Nevis Mountain Climbing

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The weather can be extremely changeable on the way up and the higher you go, the more likely it is that a thick mist may descend. But, when suitably kitted out, you can become one of the estimated 125,000 walkers who make the trip to Britain’s highest point each year, and you too can enjoy spectacular views that extend to about 200 km when conditions are good.

Date posted: 3rd August, 2017

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