Bernina Express Switzerland

Bernina Express

Although it is said that most train rides in Switzerland, and any train ride through the Alps, are the most beautiful in Europe, the Bernina Express is considered to be the most stunning and even diverse of them all, providing unique angles of the mountains and villages; it also provides one of the most widely varying views along its route as well, with dramatic changes in scenery ranging from glaciers to waterfalls and green valleys, from the Alps and plunging rivers to the almost tropical greenery of northern Italy, and from picturesque and quaint Swiss country villages to the Italian town of Tirano.

Bernina Express

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Running from Tirano, Italy to Davos Dorf in eastern Switzerland in the Swiss Alps, the four hour round trip train ride, although not one of the most luxurious in the world, is nonetheless very comfortable, with the spectacular views more than making up for the lack of first class amenities. Said to be the most beautiful scenic train ride in the world, and one that will take one’s breath away, this is one train ride that is a must see experience.

Travel by Bernina Express Switzerland

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Boarding in Tirano, one will first pass briefly by palm trees, the world’s shortest river, the world’s highest airport, and small Italian villages; passing through the Alp Grum, it is here that one begins the arduous climb through the Alps. Throughout the next part of the journey the train will cross over many beautiful arched stone bridges (or viaducts), pass through numeorus tunnels, and make a number of winding twists and horseshoe shaped turns as it navigates the steep mountain ascent.

Travel Bernina Express Switzerland

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It is during this portion of the trip that one will expereince the first dramatic change in scenery, with the landsape changing from gentle rolling countryside to rugged mountain peaks, glaciers, and mountian passes; the spectacular vistas and panoramic views of the Alps come into sight at this point as well. Pasing by the skiing destinations of St. Moritz and Klosters, one will also see the Bernina glacier, lakes said to have the most beautiful shade of emerald green in the world, deep gorges, and picturesque Swiss country villages.

Passing Village by Bernina Express

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Crossing the 7400 foot Bernina Pass as well as the Albula Pass, the landscape once again changes dramatically to gentle hillsides of the Rhine river valley, thick green forests, winding rivers, and country villages. Upon reaching the destination of Davos Dorf, one will have seen views of the Alps and interior Swiss landscape that its citizens themselves wouldn’t have been able to see centuries ago, and, as one person has said, would have considered an act of God to have been able to view; both awe-inspiring and breathtaking, this train ride is rightly known as being one of the most beautiful in the world.

Date posted: 12th March, 2016

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