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Best Beaches in Vancouver

Vancouver is a beautiful city on the westernmost tip of Canada. Surrounded by mountains and full of spectacular scenery, it is easy to see why so many tourists flock to the most populated city in British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver is well known for its beaches. While the waters of the Pacific Ocean may be too cold for some, many tourists and residents alike find plenty of activity on and around the beaches during the summer months.

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The most popular beach is Kitsilano (or just “Kits”, as locals call it). You will find a younger crowd of teens and twenty-to-thirty-something a this long stretch of sand. Many young people flock to this beach to simply people watch and sunbathe. There are volleyball courts, a kid’s playground, plenty of open grass (where you will find Frisbee games happening from sun up to sun down), a food stand and tennis courts. While coastal temperatures in Vancouver can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius in July and August, the ocean is not the most popular place to cool off. Instead, many head over to the Kits pool, which is located right on the beach.

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Jericho beach is near Kitsilano and far less populated. Here you will find families building sandcastles and enjoying picnics. There is a sailing club nearby, where many tourists learn to paddleboard or windsurf. There are washrooms and a concession stand at Jericho. The best part of this beach is that you can find plenty of free parking along 4th avenue, which is a very short walk to the water.

Spanish Banks is known to locals as the best beach to take your dog. The west end of the beach has a fantastic off-leash area, which is very popular amongst west-enders. This large beach allows barbeques, has public washrooms and plenty of space. It is very close to many fantastic eateries.

Perhaps the most interesting and eclectic beach in Vancouver is Wreck beach. Situated near the University of British Columbia, Wreck beach is Vancouver’s infamous nude beach. Clothing and swimwear are optional at this beach, which draws an interesting crowd. The problem with Wreck beach is it’s a bit hidden and difficult to get to. You also need to be fairly mobile as the journey involves descending down a long flight of stairs. Wreck beach sits near the crossroad of Southwest Marine Drive and University Boulevard.

English Bay is one of Vancouver’s most popular beaches. It is most notably the site where thousands of spectators come to view the “Celebration of Light”, which is an international fireworks competition that highlights the talents of different countries. During the day, English bay is bustling with locals and tourists trying to soak up some sun or enjoy some of the local entertainers that line the beach. During the winter English bay hosts the annual Polar bear swim. English bay is near many restaurants and hotels, which makes it particularly popular with tourists.

If you love the water and beautiful scenery, you will never tire of Vancouver. Even if you can’t brave the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, there are plenty of waterfront eateries to tempt your taste buds, interesting characters to meet and entertainment to keep you coming back to this gem of a city.

Date posted: 15th March, 2014

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