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Best Beaches on the East Coast of Florida

With a nickname like the Sunshine State, it is no wonder millions of visitors each year make their holiday plans for Florida. With plenty of warm air, bright sunny days and miles of shoreline, the state could easily be nicknamed the Beach State. The lure of the beach brings droves of travellers, all with hopes of soaking up some rays and enjoying the natural elements. Every city puts its own spin on the beach, so let’s visit a few along the east coast of Florida. Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, the first thing you may notice is the pounding surf. The east coast of Florida is a mecca for surfers and thrill seekers, up and down the coast.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach

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Daytona is unique because it still offers visitors the rare opportunity to drive a car along the beach. The popularity of cruising this wide stretch of shoreline has earned Daytona the reputation as the world’s most famous beach. Here is a place where driving your car on the beach isn’t just permitted, it’s celebrated! The hard packed sand has been used for car races since Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet used to race their newest models along the beach. These days, there is a speed limit, but the thrill of driving on the beach is still alive. Providing consistent swells and a soft sand bottom, Daytona appeals to wave riders of all ages and talents. Every year, May through October, the area beaches are home to sea turtles, who make the long journey inland to lay their eggs. Conservation zones are established during turtle season to provide protection for these turtles and their nests.

Sebastian Inlet

Sebastian Inlet

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Located on the central Florida coast, Sebastian Inlet is known as the Treasure Coast and occasionally a beachcomber will find an old piece of silver or a Spanish doubloon hidden among the shells. In 1715, a Spanish armada was sunk by a hurricane, leaving trunks laden with treasure to rest on the ocean floor. These days, the most common treasure seekers are surfers, looking for the perfect wave. In the surfing community, Sebastian Inlet is known as one of the top beaches on the East coast. While some of the swells may be too intense to try yourself, watching world- class surfers ride the waves is a thrill in itself. The inlet hosts both national surfing tournaments as well as local surfing contests. Inlet fishing from the jetties and off shore reef fishing is superb here.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale offers more than seven miles of sparkling beaches that give visitors plenty of room for fun and relaxation. For many, many years, Fort Lauderdale was known as a place for college students to celebrate holidays, such as Spring Break and graduations. The efforts made by the city to re-invent Fort Lauderdale into a top year round holiday destination have been successful. They have installed a wavewall and created a beachfront like no other. This signature walkway highlights Fort Lauderdale’s world famous coastline. The multitude of shops and restaurants provide a backdrop to the natural beauty of the beach. If relaxing is more your style, just sit back and enjoy the majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach Florida

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Miami Beach is a real paradise, with trade winds blowing fresh breezes to cool things off. There are over nine miles of world-class beaches on this stretch of coastline. Palm trees line the shore, offering a natural backdrop to the glittering hotels, restaurants and shops that dot the beach. Long stretches of wooden boardwalk have been installed to provide an opportunity for a leisurely stroll. Palm shaded grassy areas are a good spot to sit back and watch the giant cruise ships go by. South Beach, or SoBe, as it is nicknamed, is the place to see and be seen. Fashion models and movie stars mix and mingle with tourists, skateboarders and the beach party crowd. The pastel Art Deco hotels and swanky shops give South Beach its flair. Walking along the beach on a beautiful sunny day, don’t be surprised to see many cameras in action. South Beach’s eclectic scene is a popular place for photographers and filmmakers.

Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne

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Key Biscayne is a quiet, beautiful island. Geographically so close to Miami, yet the relaxed vibe makes it feel like a world away. To reach this secluded destination, you can take a boat, or drive on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Located at the tip of Key Biscayne is one of the best swimming beaches on the East coast. With clear emerald coloured waters, tame surf and a fine white sand beach, this is an excellent beach to bring the family and spend the day. This special place offers a quiet retreat for those seeking a less hectic experience.

With so many different beach experiences to choose from, it would be easy to spend a lifetime of holidays trying out all that the east coast of Florida has to offer.

Date posted: 25th March, 2014

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