Best Cities in Europe to Stay for Cheap

Best Cities in Europe to Stay for Cheap

Europe is a dream destination for so many nomadic souls longing to place themselves in the footsteps of the ancient civilizations that roamed here. Of course in a changing world, many are also venturing to Europe for the great nightlife, breathtaking landscapes and of course the gorgeous Mediterranean coast. The problem for many would be travelers it seems is the cost of living in these amazing locations. Luckily there are a few locations in Europe that offer a great variety of history, fun and value allowing travelers to enjoy these destinations without breaking the bank.

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For starters, it is easy to point out that the main tourist areas of Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, London and Rome among others are going to be very expensive.While these are all great places to visit and see the many attractions, it can be difficult to spend much time here as prices for nearly everything are very high.

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However there are some lesser known hidden gems that you might not expect to be so inexpensive.


Berlin is one of those gems. A truly international city, foreigners will likely have little problem getting around this city and prices here if you are a good shopper can be very cheap. In comparison to Munich, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, Berlin is far cheaper in a variety of different areas. One great way to see Europe is to take advantage of the cheap rents in a place like Berlin and rent an apartment to set as you base for travels. By train you can see many locations within a 2 or 3 day trip and with the Euro rail pass, this can be a great way to travel Europe cheaply.

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Another great city where cheap living is possible is Prague. Though this notoriously cheap destination has gotten more expensive in the past decade, it is still possible to live very cheaply here. Some other great locations where cheap living is possible are Palermo in Sicily and also Sarajevo and Riga. While these destinations may not share the mainstream appeal, they offer less touristy places to see as well as much lower costs for rent, food and other necessities.

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Doing thorough research and determining which of these locations may fit your own personal needs is essential when looking to spend a few weeks to a few months in any place. Keep in mind there is always a tourist price and a local price so try and get the help of a local when finding an apartment. With these tips you can surely enjoy a great European adventure, while not breaking the bank.

Date posted: 8th April, 2015

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