Best Foods to Travel With

Best Foods to Travel With

Eating local food and enjoying local drinks can be some of the highlights of travelling abroad, but every now and then you do need to be able to reach into your pack for an emergency rations, and perhaps even a taste of home. Here is our list of the best foods to pack (or acquire abroad) for occasions just like that.

Digestive biscuits

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Digestive biscuits are one of the most unimaginative foods available and, in all honesty, don’t even taste that great. They are, however, almost indestructible and will be a god-send if you have an upset stomach and need to rebuild your energy levels without irritating your stomach lining. The biscuits are dry but contain essential sugars and salts, and you can spread jam, chocolate or anything else you fancy on top, using the biscuit as a base.

Coca Cola is available the world over and a can or a bottle can be a lifesaver on the road, even if you’d never drink it at home. Unlike water and other local drinks, which may not be safe to drink, a sealed bottle of Coke will always be reliable, whether you’re in Afghanistan and Austria, or Zimbabwe. If you’ve been sick and need to rehydrate, the you can also stir a pinch of salt into a glass of Coke and it will quickly rebalance your sugar and salt levels as well as helping you to rehydrate. If you don’t like the bubbles, stir the glass first with a fork to let the gas escape.

If you are going to be doing strenuous activities (or expect to have to endure long bus or car drives), a bag of nuts will keep a long time and eating a handful will give you slow-release energy. Although they might be less exciting than chocolate, the energy will last longer, they won’t melt and you won’t get a sugar rush either.

That said, there are times when something sweet is the order of the day, particularly if you’re up a mountain and your blood sugar level is low. Kendal mint cake, a bar of compressed sugar flavoured with peppermint oil, is the perennial favourite of mountaineers and trekkers, and was even taken by Hilary on the first successful ascent of Everest. The cakes are small and slim and fit easily in your pocket, giving you a boost exactly when you need it.

One little luxury that you may want to consider, especially if you are travelling somewhere that food is in short supply or bland, is vacuum packed ready meals. Although army ready meals (also known as MREs) have a poor reputation, some of them are actually pretty good, and an increasing number of companies are manufacturing gourmet versions for trekkers and other travellers. The meals don’t need refrigerating, can usually be cooked in a single pot and give you a taste of home (or at least home-like) cooking when you’re out in the wilderness. Popular variations include sausage casserole, chicken tikka masala, and, of course, macaroni cheese.

Date posted: 17th August, 2017

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