Best Free Attractions in the World

When on the road, exploring new places and cultures, getting out and seeing popular attractions is a great way to learn the history and get a feel for a new city. As any well seasoned traveler knows, this can sometimes be an expensive proposition. Deciding which sights and attractions to visit often times comes down to cost and which attractions are most affordable. Luckily anywhere you might go, there are always many great attractions that can be explored free of charge. For those travelers getting around on a shoestring budget, these attractions are a great way to save your travel cash while still getting out and having fun in a foreign land. The following attractions are some of the best free attractions around the world that are sure to invigorate your travel urges and get you back on the road in no time.

One of the top free attractions in the world is the prized Smithsonian Museum located in Washington DC. The multi faceted museum and research facility offers amazing displays of science, history and nature that can be seen nowhere else. Many of the world’s top treasures are held here on display and finding a museum with so much to offer that is free of charge is a truly remarkable thing when traveling on a tight budget.

Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C

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Moving to Europe, we now find St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican which serves as the center point of the Catholic Faith. The beautiful interiors with ornate paintings from artists such as Michelangelo create an environment unlike any other and this beautiful location is one of the top visited attractions in all of Europe.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is another top European attraction that is free of charge to the public. Touring this cathedral is a magical experience and the breathtaking attention to detail that went into creating such and architectural wonder is awe inspiring. In a city like Paris that is well known for being unkind to your pocketbook, this free attraction is a welcome change of pace offering a marvelous free attraction to visitors from around the world.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

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Next on the list is another spendy city that offers a stunning free attraction. London is a city that can be horribly expensive and bruise the budgets of even the most prepared travelers. Luckily there is one attraction that you need not dig deep in your pockets for. The Kensington High Street Roof Gardens is a serene and beautiful area that provides a nice change up from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Do check ahead before visiting as events take place here often causing closures.

Moving on to the ancient city of Rome, we see the Pantheon which is a massive domed structure dating back nearly two millennia. Keep in mind that while this attraction is free, the site fills up incredibly quickly during the high tourist season and long lines are rather common.

Pantheon, Rome

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Heading East to Russia, Moscow’s Red Square is a stunning attraction that serves as the center point for the big city of Moscow. The Kremlin and St. Basil’s Cathedral are located here and for architecture buffs this place provides a stunning area of exploration. With great dining and entertainment options nearby consider heading here first when arriving in Moscow.

When in New York City, there is so much to see and do that simply coming up with an itinerary can be a difficult proposition. Central Park is a massively popular place to visit for both locals and travelers alike. The natural park like setting is surrounded by the New York Skyline in all directions and this little enclave is an unmatched place to enjoy some of the best people watching you will find anywhere.

Staying in New York, we’d be remiss not the mention the bright lights of Times Square. With massive flashing screens, TV networks recording live programming and a conversion of tourism and culture seen seldom elsewhere, Times Square may seem like the center of the universe for many travelers. New Years Eve here is particularly lively however you will find crowded streets and honking horns here year round.

Buckingham Palace is the Queens residence in London and has become a popular attraction for visitors to come and snap photos. The stoic guards here are harassed by rowdy travelers consistently and yet remain unaffected and non responsive. The changing of the guard here is a common site that travelers come from around the world to witness.

Buckingham Palace London

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Niagara Falls which lies in the border between the US and Canada is another top free attraction. The majestic waterfalls show travelersup close and person the power of Mother Nature and serve as a common treasure shared between the two North American Countries.

Another top free attraction is the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Guided tours are available to guests free of charge and this impressive site is the fifth largest mosque in the world. The towering structure is also an architectural gem and its unique ornate décor make this a can’t miss attraction when in Morocco and also a top site for the Muslim faith.

Massan II Mosque

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All of the many attractions listed are amazingly enough free of charge. In a world where seemingly everywhere we turn we find gimmicks designed to get money out of our pockets, these amazing free attractions are quite the breath of fresh air that budget minded travelers are looking for. From the serene rooftop gardens on London to the bright busy lights of Times Square, this list provides a little something for everyone looking for see some amazing sites while sticking to their budget. The history, culture and entertainment offered in these locations are greater than many other attractions, many of which charge a substantial price of admission. This goes to show that while travel can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. It can be done on a small budget in fact and these amazing sites located on various corners of the earth prove this fact.

Date posted: 7th November, 2012

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