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Best Lakes in Vancouver

The very best of lakes are not actually found within Vancouver, but in the surrounding cities. Vancouver is on the coast so if you can handle frigid ocean water, you will find plenty of it. If you want to venture about an hour out of town you will find some pretty remarkable lakes.

Best Lake Vancouver

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Buntzen is a great little lake that has warm water and a family-friendly environment. Many people venture to Buntzenlake, which is situated in Port Moody, for the off-leash dog area. During the hot months of July and August many families bring a portable barbeque and host picnics here while their kids take a dip in the lake. The main complaint with this lake is that while parking is free, it is scare and fills up very quickly. If you don’t arrive by noon you are better off trying a different lake.

Buntzen Lake Vancouver

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Luckily, Sasamatlake is another gorgeous lake that is very close to Buntzen (about 10 minutes away). It is a larger lake and has plenty of space for picnickers and sunbathers alike. The water may be a tad cooler than Buntzen, but is certainly tolerable when summer temperatures reach 30 degrees Celsius.

One of the best lakes in the area is Rolley Lake. Located northwest of Mission, Rolley is a bit of a drive from Vancouver (about an hour and a half), but well worth it. This small lake has no power boats on it and is very warm. It has a roped off area for swimmers and is a great place for a canoe. The hike around the lake is a scenic and easy one.

Rolley Lake Vancouver

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Alouette Lake is located near Golden Ears campground (in Maple Ridge) and is a favorite amongst local boaters. This is the closest lake from Vancouver that allows power boats so it can get very busy in the summer season. Alouette is not as warm as some of the other lakes near Vancouver but is a great lake for fishing in. Rainbow trout and large lake char can be found in abundance.

Stave Lake is also near Maple Ridge and is the largest lake in the area. A manmade lake, Stave has a hydroelectric dam at its edge. This lake has a boat launch, camping nearby and many beautiful hiking trails.

Stave Lake Vancouver

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Also in Maple Ridge, you will find Pitt Lake. This 24km long lake has canoe rentals nearby and is a lovely area for hiking and camping. Several bird watching towers can be found along the walking trails. This lake boasts fantastic bird watching opportunities. You might see the occasional cougar or bear too so be vigilant along the paths!

British Columbia has hundreds of lakes for swimming, fishing and boating. While there aren’t any true lakes in Vancouver, you need only venture a short distance to find one. Lakes in the surrounding area of Vancouver are typically warm in the summer, have picnic tables, areas for barbeques, free parking and offer a fantastic day of fun for the whole family.

Date posted: 31st March, 2014

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