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Best Nightclubs in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand, as with Vegas, is a place where people travel from far across the world just to experience the legendary nightlife options. Bangkok is a crazy, kinetic city with over 15 million residents and countless tourists lining the streets, often crammed into tight lines to gain access to any one of the city’s newest, trendiest clubbing hot-spots. Venues are designed to cater toward tastes that range from backpackers who desire affordable and relaxed atmospheres, to the spacious, luxurious lounges outfitted for high-rollers and international stars.

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When seeking out the best clubs in Bangkok, there are a few pointers to keep in mind. The first is that many areas, including the streets of Khao San, technically close at 2 AM. However plenty of clubs will remain open long after people are ushered from the streets, and the after-parties tend to last all night long. Bangkok is known for large numbers of drunken tourists keeping things rowdy until the morning, and as such visitors should remain vigilant to safeguard their belongings, and never allow alcohol to cloud their better judgment.


Route 66

Packed with both locals and expats, Route 66 is a big, classically designed dance club that is partitioned to different sections that contain each of their own unique styles of music that include live band performances and high-end DJs from both Thailand and around the world. This allows patrons to wander the huge complex and experience a wide-range of visual and auditory sensations, plus the opportunity to meet plenty of beautiful locals and travellers alike.


Bed Supperclub

This is a high-end club that must be experienced to be believed. Designed in a sleek-white design, the Bed Supperclub is sort-of like entering a combination of a retro 1970s spaceship, and some type of Greek afterlife. The club combines high-end dining with world-famous DJs who spin almost every night of the week. As a high-end club experience, guests must abide by a strict dress code, and on special nights when a VIP has arrived even the best-intentioned traveller may get turned down at the door. Nonetheless this is the must-visit location for visitors interested in experiencing a luxurious Bangkok lifestyle.


Q Bar

Repeatedly ranked as one of the top clubs in both Bangkok and Asia as a whole, this is a very classy location that features multiple floors and large, spacious environments with top-notch customer service. A spiraling staircase connects to the upper floors, where a sleek design combines a modern style with traditional Thai underpinnings. This club starts out as a casual lounge for socialising and relaxing, but when the music starts it quickly transforms into a dance-club with DJs spinning the latest electronic mixes.


In Summary

Bangkok combines raucous heavy-partying with some of the classiest clubs in Asia. Thailand is a place designed with nightlife in mind, and there is seemingly no limit to the amount of indulgence available in this city. That being said, partygoers should be mindful of their surroundings, and understand their own boundaries to keep both health and pocketbook intact.

Date posted: 31st December, 2012

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