Best Nightclubs in London, England

Once known as the Roman settlement of Londinium, centuries of history, conflict, and empire building mark one of the world’s most historical locations—and a city that also happens to be one of the greatest locations to party. London nightlife is legendary, and it’s an epicentre of celebrity actors, musicians, and public figures. The best nightclubs in London attract not only the rich and famous in the entertainment world, but some of the world’s most well-known socialites and businesspeople as well.


Going out at night in London is almost always a lot of fun, but be prepared for some very selective doors. When you enter the ritziest clubs in the city, expect to dress your best and have some beautiful women with you, or you could be left out in the London fog by yourself.


The Cuckoo Club

Few things in London are currently as hot as the Cuckoo Club. Filled with trendy urban professionals and usually one or two celebrities; the club is ritzy, fashionable, and often the place to be in-order to experience a combination of the city’s best cuisine and most fashionable people.

Although selective, this high-end club is not beyond the reach of mortals. Entrance usually requires membership that costs around £700 per year. So, if one has the money to invest, it’s possible to be part of the festivities. A club membership means high-end customer service, incredible entrees, and amazing networking opportunities to take one’s social life to the next level.



Often considered one of the top dance clubs in the world, Fabric could be the first destination for a traveller who seeks the top party-spots on the globe. A compacted, multi-level house of fun, Fabric attracts the world’s top DJs, thus attracting scores of electronic music fans. If you love to dance and lose yourself to Drum ‘n Bass and Dubstep, few places compare.


69 Colebrooke Row

This easy-to-find location is titled as the street address itself. Inside is one of London’s top bars. Famous bartender Tony Conigliaro calls this venue home, and visitors enjoy a smashing array of different drink specials. Colebrooke preserves the feel of an after-work happy-hour location, while also taking things to the next level with a prestigious atmosphere that helps to make every moment special. An open-door policy and casual dress code keeps the place preserved in the ‘bar’ category, but closer attention to detail helps it stand apart from the rest.


The Kingly Club

Nightclub enthusiasts understand that there are two types of luxury clubs: the places that you could enter with a little luck and the right clothes, and the venues you simply do not have access to. The Kingly Club is among the latter. It’s designed to be a silken-white, luxury haven of the rich and famous and the ambitious thirty-something socialites with creative motivation. But if you are lucky enough to get access, prepare for a world-class experience that you won’t soon forget.


In Summary

London’s best nightclubs range from old-fashioned pubs, kinetic dance-floors, and luxury locations where just getting through the door is an incredible feat. Whether you are a social athlete who seeks to rise up in the world, or an electronic music hipster who enjoys unadulterated Dubstep, London is bound to please.

Date posted: 6th March, 2013

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