Best Nightclubs in Milan, Italy

Few places in the world are as luxurious as Milan, the undisputed capitol of the world’s fashion industry. For many locals, a night in Milan includes photo-shoots until sunset, a runway show until 9 PM, and all-night partying until 5 AM at one of the city’s various ritzy, high-end nightclubs.

When clubbing in Milan, keep an eye on your pocketbook. Clubs can be expensive, with many upper-scale establishments that charge 20 EUR or more per drink. It’s expected for many residents to drop a lot of money on their social lives, as going out is often fundamental to networking and career advancement. That being said, tourists should be cautious about allowing their life savings to disappear after a weekend in Milan.

Fiori Oscuri

Located on the via Fiori, Fiori Oscuri is a restaurant that also moonlights as a nightclub and lounge. As a popular hang-out that’s serenaded with live music on an almost nightly basis, this is an excellent location to mingle with Milan’s upper-crust, as you’ll find plenty of people in the fashion industry who choose this spot to relax after hours. As a restaurant first and foremost, it’s a casual enough atmosphere that most travellers with jeans, a collared shirt, or cocktail dress can spend an evening here.

Armani Privé

This is an exclusive club owned and designed by Giorgio Armani himself. As one could assume by the name of the club, entrance is exclusive to members—and gaining membership is anyone’s best guess. However, visitors have reported being allowed inside of this celebrity-hangout just for dressing well and being given a recommendation by another patron.

When entering Privé, the interior is designed in a modern Japanese motif, and is quite the eye-catching experience. The members of Privé have special access to the cities’ upper class, and doubtlessly a chance to mingle with the top names in the fashion industry. If one gains admittance, prepare for expensive drinks, world-class customer service, some of the best dining options in Italy. Just remember that the dress-code matches the namesake of the club.

Il Gattopardo Café

Easily one of the most interesting nightclubs in the world; and much more than just a ‘café’. The luxurious Il Gattopardo is part of a giant, gothic cathedral. The experience itself is unforgettable; as the giant, spacious church is reminiscent of the best Italian architecture in the country. Entering the Il Gattopardo requires a guest list, and it’s possible to get on it by booking well in-advance. From concerts, to balls, to electronic dance nights, this unique club has it all.

In Summary

As the centre of the fashion world, Milan stands apart from almost any other city. The nightlife reflects the industry, and in any of these popular Milan clubs it’s possible to mingle with supermodels, fashionistas, and entrepreneurs. Of course, if there’s one location where it would be a wise idea to wear something hip and fashionable, it would be Milan, where your sense of style is the key to not only your social life, but also your professional life.

Date posted: 16th February, 2013

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